Pierś z gęsi sous vide, roladka z naleśnika z pastą pieczarkową, sałatka z rzodkiewki i pieczarek

Goose breast sous-vide, crêpe roulade with mushroom pâté, radish and mushroom salad with cold-pressed canola oil

Ingredients: Serving for 4 people

  • Goose breast 2 pieces
  • Mushrooms 400 grams
  • Leek 100 grams
  • Celery 60 grams
  • Radish 1 bunch
  • Brussels sprouts 100 grams
  • Garlic bulb 1 piece
  • Onion 1 piece
  • Milk 200 ml
  • Flour 200 grams
  • Egg 1 piece
  • Apple vinegar 5 ml
  • Honey 20 grams
  • Brussels sprouts 100 grams 
  • Allspice 10 grams
  • Marjoram 10 grams
  • Sunflower oil 100 ml
  • Cold-pressed canola oil 20 ml
  • Salt / Pepper

How to prepare:

Marinate the breasts in allspice, garlic, marjoram, salt and pepper. Cook them sous-vide for 12 hours at 61°C / 141°F, then fry skin-side down until crunchy and golden. Chop half the mushrooms into small pieces and fry them in oil with finely chopped garlic clove, onion, celery and leek, then season to taste with salt and garlic. Prepare a batter with milk, flour and egg, make crêpes and roll them with the mushroom stuffing prepared earlier. Serve with watercress and mushroom salad, sprinkled with canola oil vinaigrette with honey and apple vinegar.