Chłodnik z borówek i sliwki z chrupiącym jabłkiem i jadalnymi kwiatami

Cold blueberry and plum soup with crunchy apple and edible flowers

Ingredients: Serving for 4 people

  • Plums 4 pieces
  • Apples 4 pieces
  • Blueberries 250 grams
  • Apple juice 0.5 litre
  • Mixed flower honey
  • Crushed ice 200 grams
  • Mint
  • Edible pansies 12 pieces
  • Lime
  • Red pepper 

How to prepare:

Wash the fruit, cut the plums in half and pit them, core two apples. Put the washed and cleaned fruit into a blender, add the apple juice, honey, crushed ice, mint and red pepper. Mix thoroughly. At the end, add some lime juice. Peel the remaining apples and cut them into small cubes. Serve with cold fruit, decorate with edible pansies.