Rostbef wołowy, krem buraczany, zielony groszek, brukselka, oliwa porowa

Beef rump with creamed beetroots, green peas and Brussels sprouts

Ingredients: Serving for 4 people

  • Beef rump 600 grams
  • Beetroots 500 grams
  • Green peas 100 grams
  • Blueberries 100 grams
  • Brussels sprouts 100 grams
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Canola oil 100 ml
  • Leek-infused olive oil 50 ml
  • Butter 100 grams
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to prepare:

Cut the rump into two steaks 300 grams each, fry them in oil with garlic and herbs for 3 minutes on each side, then leave to rest in a warm place. Cook the beetroots, leaving one aside for decoration. Blend the remaining beetroots in a thermomix device to a cream consistency, season with salt and pepper. Fry the green peas in butter, add blueberries and serve with sliced rump with creamed beetroots. Decorate with cooked Brussels sprout leaves sprinkled with leek oil.