Products processed from fruit and vegetables

Apple juice

Apple, apple-carrot, apple-pear juices

Squeezed only from whole fresh fruits originating from the fruit-growing heart of Europe and, at the same time, the largest orchard centre in the world – the region of Grójec.

Juice – contains vitamins and micronutrients present in fresh fruits and is a natural source of dietary fibre. It is produced by Polish fruit-growers associated in a group of fruit-growers who want to accustom the inhabitants of Europe to the possibility of consuming real fruit juices. These juices are squeezed directly and are not made of concentrates or from condensed juices.

The juices are 100% natural (without preservatives, with no added sugar and water).

  • Large cardboard box containing 5 L
  • Small cardboard box containing 3 L
  • Bottle containing 750 ml
  • Bottle containing 250 ml